What makes you visit a MRO IT conference?

This year whilst attending a MRO IT conference in London we did a small survey of people who visited our stand to try and ascertain the reasons for their visit. Here are the results and what we believe this shows….

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Who comes to these shows?

The numbers speak for themselves, it’s called an IT show and therefore predictably the biggest percentage of attendees were from an IT biased function. Second to them were maintenance planners and the folks from engineering. No real surprise but perhaps the users of the systems we aspire to provide are not being addressed?



Is the conference an opportunity to meet specific people?

Well, despite the meteoric rise of networking via such mediums as ‘LinkedIn, it seems that over 70% of visitors hadn’t pre-planned to meet specific people. It’s a strange atmosphere at shows sometimes when competitors rub shoulders and everyone watches the stands for the flow of visitors and where the visitors target their attention, which brings us to a question we were eager to find the answer to…



What made you visit the Rusada stand?

It just shows that pedigree in the business still draws people to come see you, but the messaging on the stand is important for people less familiar with your products. It seems that the broad spread of functionality of the system coupled with the ability to talk to people with experience of system integration and deployment was a draw. Notable this year was the interest in mobile solutions such as our Flight log and maintenance solution on Android.

Curious to know if MRO IT in general was breaking new ground we asked…


Have you seen anything new yet?

The results are a little surprising. Evolution rather than breakthrough perhaps not, but with all the talk about cloud computing solutions recently, we were surprised that it did not factor so much in the perception of evolutions within the industry. The biggest response as we are sure no-one is surprised about is the rise in interest in mobile solutions that integrate with the main software.

So, if there’s nothing really new, then it would stand to reason we as suppliers have already done everything that is needed or are missing something out, so again we asked what the visitor’s wish list might be…

What would be the top of your wish list for IT solutions?

So, perhaps it’s not surprising that suppliers are focussing on evolution rather than new functionality – 45% of survey respondents couldn’t name anything specifically high to warrant it as an unfulfilled wish. Systems providers need market feedback, true not all providers act on what the market asks for but like your mother always said – “if you don’t ask, you don’t get”.




We here at Rusada are always eager to receive feedback in order to improve what we do for our current and prospective clients. If you feel you want to add your experience to our survey please feel free to do so at… (its only 5 questions honest!)


Why visit a show and what do you expect from IT



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