What is REACH and why should it concern you?

If you do business in or with European countries where that business has a connection to the use or handling of hazardous chemicals then you will no doubt have heard of REACH.

Similar in respects to COSHH, REACH, instigated by ECHA, the European Chemical Agency is a set of legislation covering the management of chemical compounds that can pose a risk to both the environment and human health.

As stated by REACH legislation, companies have the responsibility of collecting and collating information about the properties and use of such substances that they either manufacture or import for use in quantities that exceed one metric tonne per annum. Furthermore, there is a responsibility on ‘downstream users’ to maintain a chemical safety report that is periodically re-assessed every six months.

The candidate list of current substances is growing all the time (especially with the introduction of nano-compounds) but presently numbers 155 compounds as of June 2014.

So why should it concern you? Well just a very brief look at the list includes obvious candidates such as Cadmium, Lead and ehylated compounds but so do such compounds as Aluminosilicate Refractory Ceramic Fibres. Commonly used in insulating materials. So, if as is common in advanced industries such as Aviation, new processes or products introduced outside of the EU have benefit of use within the EU then registration and subsequent control is paramount in terms of grant of use, protection and prevention of prosecution.

The use, proposed use and the handling of these substances needs to be controlled and the information accessible to all within the supply chain. So continuous assessment to prescribed regulations and access to hazardous safety data at all levels need to be controls available to your employees.

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