First published in the May 2021 edition of AviTrader MRO

The aviation industry has been especially hard hit during the pandemic, meaning survival strategies and rethinking working practices are high on corporate agendas.

Demand for services at MRO software provider Rusada has continued to grow over the last 14 months, albeit at a slower rate than prior to the pandemic.

“There was an initial lull in the first three to four months as operators and maintainers took some time to assess the situation and redraw their plans for the future. However, since that time things have picked up again and we are having more discussions with more potential clients. We predict this demand will continue to increase as restrictions begin to ease and the world opens up again,” says David Purfurst, Global Pre-Sales Director at Rusada.

He points out that potential clients are now taking longer to make their selections and diving deeper into the product before signing. “While this has lengthened the selection process, it improves their understanding of the system and results in a speedier implementation. Our belief is that by this time next year things will probably revert to a slightly longer sales cycle than pre-pandemic but shorter than at present. Overall, the level of interest has been surprisingly high given the circumstances,” Purfurst concludes.

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