The Secret To Successful Maintenance Planning

Preventative maintenance, scheduled shop visits and conducting repairs to coincide with other planned maintenance events are just some best practises that airlines adopt in order to reduce downtime.

Indeed, effective maintenance planning methods like those listed above are invaluable tools to help reduce costs, lead times and AOG situations for operators. 

But while there are many best practises out there, another solution that has become increasingly popular over the years is adopting an IT maintenance planning system. And this has not only been adopted by airlines but also by maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) providers to help streamline processes.

First and foremost, an IT system for maintenance planning is easy to use and accessible, wherever you are in the world and in whatever line of business you work in. Certainly, in an industry that is as big and wide-ranging as aviation a solution like this seems to tick many boxes.

Admittedly, it’s not possible for an airline to know about each and every maintenance event that it might experience, neither can an MRO. But through adopting an IT system that allows a company to plan and execute maintenance visits with ease, any unscheduled maintenance events can be dealt with quickly and efficiently.

Rusada’s MRO software, Envision is an example of an IT solution that supplies businesses with the tools that they need in order to generate and access real-time data, solid structures and successful maintenance planning.

It’s this forward-thinking platform that delivers everything you need to know about your business directly to your fingertips via a computer, tablet or mobile phone.

Envision’s Maintenance Manager is definitely one module that you, as an airline or an MRO, need to know about. Of course, that’s only if your business wants to own its maintenance operations and hone in internal processes.

So how can the Maintenance Manager module help your business plan maintenance?

Well, this singular solution can capture all business data, while working with other business systems, to provide you with the controls that you need to productively plan work. 

Linked with the resource information stored in Envision’s ‘central brain’ – the Configuration & Resource Manager module – Maintenance Manager allows you to plan operations and monitor the performance of your work effectively. 

Understanding the power of good data

Indeed, we all know how important clear and concise data is in today’s market and especially within the MRO sector.

Keeping up to date records on parts availability, staff availability and an aircraft/fleet’s history is extremely important and can lead to reduced turn around times and fewer AOG situations.

Additionally, with Envision operational managers can store data so their company has the ability to manage system utilities and resources while ensuring key business data is handled consistently.

The Maintenance Manager module itself provides the necessary analytics and key decision support information needed to help a business not only plan for future maintenance work but also review its past successes and failings.

This is also the ideal platform for maintenance planners to use as they have access to interactive ‘planning boards’ that accurately represent their facility, allowing them to plan checks accordingly and feed clear and concise data back into the wider maintenance plan.

The module also features status monitoring to gives planners the ability to import work either from a maintenance forecast or on an ad-hoc basis.

Seamless integration really is possible!

In addition to accurate and accessible data, companies now expect new products to seamlessly integrate into their current set ups.

And as anything new or innovative is a big investment for an airline or MRO, they understandably want to gage how big the return on investment will be and how the product will fit into the ever-changing market going forward, as well as their own portfolios.

Therefore, an IT solution such as Envision would fail if it didn’t offer the market something exciting and pioneering,

That’s why Rusada is focused on creating solutions that meet the needs of today and tomorrow, but also fit perfectly into a customer’s current business model.

Rusada’s comprehensive MRO system can be integrated into corporate HR software such as Cascade and SAP HR, as well as with legacy files and production systems like SAP.  It can even be integrated with the Airbus Job Card Publishing system, ADOC and other CMS systems, for example.

The Maintenance Manager module even features sophisticated shift management tools and integrated labour rules to ensure that accurate attendance information is passed onto payroll systems. And is able to keep a track of time and attendance records with shop floor data to clarify productive hours and invoicing.

What you need to know about the Maintenance Manager:

  • Gives you ability to plan work and monitor performance
  • Offers sophisticated tools to visualise planning
  • Allows you to forecast for maintenance visits, incorporating resource usage information from Configuration & Resource Manager and requisitioning information from Materials Manager
  • Makes way for effective capacity planning by combining multiple streams of information
  • Provides shop floor data capture for accurate performance analysis to improve efficiency
  • It aims to improve maintenance planning, defect control and maintenance visit management  

What next?

If you’d like to be a leader in successful maintenance planning or just want to find out more about the Maintenance Manager module, please get in touch with Rusada today.   


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