Spotlight on Envision: Configuration & Resource Manager Module

Surely every business needs a flexible, powerful, robust and reliable solution?

Over the next few weeks, we’re going to be shining a spotlight on the Rusada Envision MRO Software, taking a closer look at each of its comprehensive modules. 

Up first is the Configuration & Resource Manager. This module acts as the ‘hub’ to Rusada’s business system, giving airlines and MROs the ability to manage processes and workflow, while controlling multiple activities. 

Regarded as the ‘central brain’ to the platform, this module can control all of your business’s processes and workflows, including engineering, maintenance and flight operations. And by using up-to-date data it’s able to provide your business with a comprehensive management tool that will allow you to plan all MRO and fleet operations. 

This module is not only the perfect tool for managing all aspects of aviation related business, but it is also the starting block to the wider Envision solution. As the central network, control and data storage module for your business, it is able to serve as the repository for all the data from each of Rusada’s complimentary modules.


This means you have the ability to build upon it, adding any of the other modules to your framework. Plus, it’s completely customisable therefore it can be easily adapted and developed in order to work alongside the natural progression and growth of your business. 

By providing analytics and key decision support to your business, you are able to assess everything from unscheduled maintenance events to staff rotas and consequently streamline your operations. Plus, it proves priceless when it comes to obtaining a clear overview of any overheads, which is something that is hugely beneficial in such a cost-sensitive environment.  

Indeed, one of the standout features of the Configuration & Resource Manager is its ability to deliver efficiencies and cost reductions through valuable data sharing. 

In addition, you can manage all resources from manpower, shifts and banking, as well as group security, labour controls and time and attendance records. 

And through its ability to store all of your data in one place, the module aids the industry-wide objective to achieve a paperless environment. And it doesn’t stop there, as it’s also possible to attach electronic documentation to records for components, technical logs, employee certificates and registrations, thus cutting the time spent searching for up to date information. 

To find out more about how you can take advantage of Rusada’s Configuration & Resource Manager, click here.

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