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Line Maintenance is used by airlines and line maintenance providers to manage all aspects of the function, from very simple one-off turn checks to complete line maintenance businesses managing hundreds of line checks per day.

The solution also helps with the associated complexities of managing, scheduling and rostering of all ground support equipment and associated labour requirements.

While Line Maintenance can operate as a standalone solution, it can also seamlessly integrate with Fleet Management, Flight Operations, Resource and Materials Management to maximise operating performances.

Line Maintenance has the following major modules:

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Contract Management allows a user to define a range of terms associated with line maintenance activities. Key functions include:

  • Contract header details including
    customer details
  • Fleet and/or aircraft covered by contract
  • Services provided by the contract
  • Pricing policies
  • Capping terms
  • Invoice and payment terms
  • Create Invoices

Turn Check Management allows a user to define a range of standard Turn Checks which in turn can be incorporated either into a contract or manually selected with a line check. Key functions include:

  • Turn check description
  • Tasks and task off-sets
  • Labour requirements
  • Material requirements
  • Ground support equipment requirements

Line Maintenance Scheduling allows a user to schedule activities.

Key functions include:

  • Integrating with flight operations, to define ground slots
  • Integrating with airport systems, to get the latest ground slots
  • Automatic creation of Turn Check, based on contract terms
  • Manual creation of Turn Check
  • Optional import of deferred defects
  • Optional import of upcoming inspections
  • Allocate tasks to Line maintenance teams or individual users

Line Maintenance Execution allows users to record maintenance work. Key functions include:

  • Start work on task
  • Stop work on task
  • Complete task
  • Request parts, tools and services
  • Sign-off the Turn Check
  • Simple issue of parts

Ground Support Equipment allows users to manage all their ground support equipment and resources. Key functions include:

  • Manage each piece of Ground Support Equipment
  • Manage maintenance requirements for Ground Support Equipment
  • Forecasting Ground Support Equipment maintenance requirements
  • Planning and executing Ground Support Equipment maintenance
  • Scheduling Ground Support equipment to aircraft maintenance requirements

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