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Interface Management Solution is used to configure and run different business functions as interface processes. The interface configuration is based on interface types like Export, Import, Email Monitoring etc. and the corresponding business functions.

System Input/output paths, file names and other necessary parameters associated with the business function will be configured when we create an interface process.

Schedule configuration which is used to control when these interfaces are run are based on the recurrence pattern. These can be set daily, hourly, every few minutes or at custom schedule intervals.

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Exports (to third party solution)

  • Export Nominal Invoices
  • Export Purchase Invoices
  • Export Sales Invoices

Imports (from third party solution)

  • Import Supplier
  • Import Employee
  • Import Address
  • Import Journal Status
  • Import Time Entry
  • Import Exchange Rate
  • Import Nominal
  • Import Customer
  • Import Tech Log

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