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Component Maintenance is used by airlines and MRO providers to manage all aspects of Component maintenance functions from very simple single level component repair to complex major assembly overhauls, such as engine shops.

While Component Maintenance can operate as a standalone solution, it can also fully integrate with Fleet Management, Resource and the Materials Management to maximise operating performances.

Component Maintenance has the following major modules:

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Component Sales Order manages all sales, for both parts and repairs. Part and repair price lists can be defined and customer discount set.

Third Party Component Receipt Management allows a user to receive external components from a third-party source. This third-party repair will be optionally linked to a sales order which will maintain all the commercial information associated with the repair.  Users will be optionally prompted for component hours and cycles where relevant.

Capability Management allows the company to manage their repair capability listing which in turn is used by the system to define what all type of repairs can be performed.

Component Repair Order Management allows a user to create internal component repair orders. The system will automatically import the task cards based on the selected repair capability and all resources and material requirements will be automatically imported into the work order.

It also supports the generation and management of quotations, the collection of all actual costs (and the comparison to the quoted and estimate costs) and the subsequent creation of sales invoices.

Once a repair has been completed, ENVISION nGen will automatically generate a release document (8130, Form One, etc.) and receipt. The part then moves into the serviceable inventory ready for dispatch back to the customer.

Strip and Build Management allows a user to manage the breakdown of an assembly into modules and then into components. This module will also allow the subsequent build-up of the components into the module and the build-up of the modules into the major assembly. The system holds a generic module configuration that allows a user to easily break down the assembly and subsequently rebuild it.

Component Dispatch and Invoice allows a user to dispatch parts and generate a sales invoice. Parts are allocated to the sales order and, based on the dispatch due dates, instructions are generated for stores to prepare the dispatch, which is then generated to include box details and the relevant dispatch documentation created. Shipping details can also be recorded including the airway bill number etc. Invoices can then be generated based on the sales order pricing.

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