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For Helicopter Operators

Our ENVISION software is well suited for the demands of modern rotor operators.

As a result of our 35+ years experience in the sector, we understand the need for greater agility and flexibility from your maintenance so your helicopters are ready to fly at a moment's notice.

For rotor operators, there are no areas of ENVISION that aren't applicable to you, but the features you choose to adopt will depend on your business model and capabilities.

What areas are relevant to you?


Our Airworthiness area allows you to keep your helicopters in compliance with aviation regulations, plan maintenance activities and manage your technical documentation.



The Maintenance area facilitates the execution of base, line and component MRO as well as the management of inventory. If you do not have the capability to conduct certain types of maintenance then you can just adopt the modules that are applicable to you.



Flight Ops can be used to manage either flights or missions. These can be planned, scheduled and assigned to aircraft, journey data can be recorded, and activity monitored. Meanwhile, pilots can be allocated to flights, and FTL rules configured.



Finally, our Support area assists your operations with functions such as human resources, finance & accounting, and quality & safety, that are tailored specifically for an aviation environment and integrate seamlessly with the rest of the system.


our software already serves your business model

Software for Airbus Helicopters

FleetMaster is our Light Information System developed in partnership with Airbus Helicopters. Based on ENVISION, FleetMaster is a streamlined solution designed for small/medium operators, maintainers and managers of rotary wing aircraft.


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