Greater demand and agility

Trends within the industry suggest that although the demand for new rotor aircraft has leveled in recent years, engineering teams within rotor operations are coming under increasing pressure to support and maintain the existing fleet.

As a result, rotor operators are demanding greater agility from their maintenance teams and while modern aircraft are generating more data than ever before, this adds a layer of complexity as engineers try to extract actionable insights.

ENVISION for rotor operators

ENVISION has been engineered to improve the visibility of data through its intuitive interface and reporting dashboards that improve situational awareness.

ENVISION specialises in maintenance planning, reliability, fleet management and technical records and is appropriate across both civil and military environments.

It addresses the complexity in managing multiple configurations of helicopters, and calculating and tracking a wide range of parameters including component life penalties.

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FleetMaster for Airbus Helicopters

FeetMaster is our Light Information System developed in partnership with Airbus Helicopters. Based on ENVISION, FleetMaster is a streamlined solution designed for small/medium operators, maintainers and managers of rotary wing aircraft.

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A Solution You Can Trust

Since 1987 Rusada has been providing best-in-class technology solutions for the aviation maintenance and engineering community.

With more than 100 deployments of our ENVISION solutions we’ve worked with some of the leading names in the industry.

Our helicopter customers include operators from both the civil and defence sectors. We have a strong partnership with Airbus Helicopters, where the relationship focuses on the development, delivery and support of modular, scalable and connected solutions for maintainers and operators of helicopters around the world.

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