Increased demand brings increased challenges

The global aircraft fleet size is expected to increase from 27,000 to 37,000 over the next decade. Also, the new generation of aircraft will comprise 50% of the fleet vs the 10% it currently contributes.

The result of these trends means that workload projections for MROs will grow by over 40% by 2027.

This environment means that the pressure on MROs to deliver within promised turnaround times will require them to not only react more quickly to customer demands, but also increase how they proactively work more efficiently with their supply chain through improved predictability.

ENVISION nGen for Airlines and Fixed-wing Operators

ENVISION nGen is designed to help airlines manage cross-departmental transactional information to aid quick decision making.

We understand the need for airlines to increase their revenue hours by reducing maintenance turn-around times, by facilitating integration between the core Engineering, Maintenance and Supply Chain teams while maintaining control over costs.

Our specific finance manager module is designed to complement the financial accounting software package in use already and manage the individual transactional data associated with the activities performed within the individual module managers of the system. Airlines can now forecast maintenance budgets to a high degree of accuracy.

A proven track record

Since 1987 Rusada has been providing best-in-class technology solutions for the aviation maintenance and engineering community. With more than 100 deployments of our ENVISION solutions we’ve worked with some of the leading names in the industry.

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