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For eVTOL Manufacturers

ENVISION is the optimal software solution for manufacturers of eVTOL aircraft.

Our experience developing software for both fixed and rotary wing aircraft lends itself perfectly to the Advanced Air Mobility (AAM) and Urban Air Mobility (UAM) markets.

ENVISION can be used during your aircraft’s development phase to facilitate the manufacturing and certification process.

Then once flying, it can manage all your operational needs.

Where we fit in


Our ENVISION software can help you efficiently manage the following eVTOL operations...

ENVISION's suitability for eVTOL Operations

The modules you adopt to manage these operations will depend on the lifecycle stage of your aircraft…




What areas are relevant to you?


Our Airworthiness area allows you to manage your aircraft configuration and model trees, raise manufacturing orders for additional or modified components, and plan maintenance for any defects that arise.



The Maintenance area facilitates the planning and execution of any base, line or component maintenance tasks, as well as the management of inventory. This area will be required less often during the manufacturing stage, but once your eVTOL aircraft are fully operational it will be invaluable in supporting your MRO functions and those of your customers.



Flight Ops can initially be used to manage your schedule of test flights during the aircraft development stage. Once you're operational, flights or missions can be planned, scheduled, and assigned to aircraft, plus journey data can be recorded, and activity monitored. Meanwhile, pilots (if present) can be allocated to flights, and FTL rules configured.



Finally, our Support area assists your operations with functions such as human resources, finance & accounting, and quality & safety, that are tailored specifically for an aviation environment and integrate seamlessly with the rest of the system.


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