Critical Airworthiness Planning

The continuing airworthiness function is clearly a critical component of your operation. Not only is it a regulatory requirement, but it’s also a strong indicator of monitoring fleet availability, reliability and performance.

With increasing demands facing aviation maintenance and engineering teams, the expectations of Airworthiness functions will transition from being a tick the box exercise to one that can add value and offer improved safety and increased efficiency.

ENVISION for Airworthiness

Rusada’s ENVISION technology has been designed to support airworthiness functions through improved situational awareness and greater accessibility of information and documentation.

ENVISION specialises in maintenance planning, reliability, fleet management and technical records and is utilised by both internal airworthiness teams and 3rd party providers.

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A Proven Track Record

Since 1987 Rusada has been providing best-in-class technology solutions for the aviation maintenance and engineering community.

With more than 100 deployments of our ENVISION solutions we’ve worked with some of the leading names in the industry.

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