At Rusada, Time Flies When You’re Having Fun…

30 years ago, Pat Cash won the men’s singles at Wimbledon, Platoon won the Oscar for best film and the Airbus A320 made its maiden flight. But did you know that 1987 was also the year Rusada was founded?

Known back then as Russel Adams, the company operated in an environment that was very different to where we are today. Rusada’s CEO Julian Stourton said “Aircraft weren’t anywhere near as complex, technology far less sophisticated and the demands of airline and regulatory stakeholders were far more manageable back then”.

Rusada’s CEO Julian Stourton is in a reflective mood, he’s also looking to the future.  A successful 12 months for the business has seen the launch of Envision nGen – the latest iteration of the leading Aviation Maintenance and Engineering technology – a series of new customer wins and several key appointments.

“Despite being around for 30 years, I believe that Rusada is more dynamic now than ever before” said Julian. “Since we launched Envision nGen at our user group last autumn, we’ve had incredibly positive feedback from customers, prospects and the wider industry alike who are all impressed with the clean, intuitive interface and quick access to information which is available on any device at the point of need”.

Rusada’s development team has delivered a flexible platform that includes a robust workflow engine that is configurable to established business requirements and powerful dashboards that are customizable to each user’s specific role.

Julian said, “With nGen, our goal is to help make our customers more efficient.  We do that by providing immediate and direct access to the critical information each user needs to take action from their dashboard, meaning, engineers spend less time at the computer and more time doing their job”.

Rusada have more reasons to be positive about the future than ever before, having signed a significant new customer every month since October ’16 including established MROs and start-up airline operators.

The 30th anniversary year also saw the launch of Rusada’s first fully resourced US presence based in Boulder Colorado with the company taking the strategic decision to focus on the complex North American aviation sector.

Julian pointed out, “The North American MRO market makes up 28% of the global total and yet less than 10% of our customers come from the region which tells me that there’s huge opportunity for development”.

While there is much for Julian to be positive about, he is under no illusions as to the scale of the challenge facing the aviation maintenance and engineering community.

Julian said, “Air traffic is on the increase which means that the number of aircraft managed by MROs and engineering teams will increase, as will the demand for available aircraft.” Julian continued, “The aircraft and engines themselves are generating more data which needs to be analyzed and actioned upon. All of this means more workload for the community to ensure efficiencies are being delivered and that operations are successful.”

From a Rusada perspective, Julian is confident that the team are expertly equipped to help their customers manage this growth. He concluded “we’ve been very deliberate in cultivating a culture that embraces technology, innovation and aviation expertise to ensure we are well positioned to support our customers’ success”.

After 30 years in the business, it’s clear that there is no reason why this won’t be the case.

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    Excellent post… Exciting times ahead!!

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