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Line Maintenance: rapid installation leads to quick uptake by staff

Maintenance is an essential part of any aviation business, and line maintenance arguably has the greatest need for immediate access to information and fast response times. With modern maintenance programs extending the frequency of base checks, and the ability to phase inspections across wide time periods, line maintenance is no longer just the preserve of daily and turnaround checks. Your first line maintenance is time critical, aircraft schedules and passenger seats are booked and flowing almost 24/7. Experienced personnel, equipment and above all spares are needed in the right place at the right time in order to be effective and, with increased outsourcing, efficient enough to return a margin of profitability. A key element to the efficiency of line maintenance is that the parts usually involved can be stocked and any replacements can be taken from the on-site inventory. Most line maintenance items are modular. This means they reduce system costs and increase quality, by centralising development across different models of aircraft. This is particularly useful if you provide world class aircraft maintenance services to a wide variety of domestic and international airlines. Time critical businesses cannot afford to spend months implementing systems and training staff. These businesses are lean and need rapid solutions that are easy to use. If a system can be installed quickly and include the necessary training in a matter of days then this is usually a sign of how well the system will be embraced by the workforce. A quick, focused installation also means that ground staff are able to get to grips with the software quicker – making their jobs easier and reduces impact on your operations.


This is exactly the case in point for AMSA, the Aircraft Maintenance Services Australia.  We have recently just finished a rapid implementation in three of their line stations in two weeks. AMSA, owned by SIAEC, have sites in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne and have signed on to use our Materials Manager, Finance Manager and Configuration and Resource Manager modules. The Brisbane site went live on May 28th with Melbourne following on May 30th and Sydney live on June 4th.  This fast installation proves the system is very intuitive to use – one day to teach the people who will be using it and another day or two to set-up. AMSA choosing our Materials Manager module is very interesting. They obviously put a lot of focus on inventory and the people who will complete these tasks.

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