Digital Aviation Processes for 2022

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Efficiency through better UI

In this webinar we show some of the key interface developments and changes we made in 2021, and what users can look forward to going into 2022.

As part of our UI Enhancement Project, we looked at some of the most commonly used day-to-day processes in ENVISION and used the latest technologies and techniques to bring them into the year 2022. We believe that these areas can often be overlooked by software providers, but in fact they require just as much attention as the new and trendy features.

In the webinar we focus on the key areas below, demonstrating how they have rebuilt and reconfigured them to make them faster and easier to use:

  • Navigation & Accessibility
  • Fleet Overview & Management
  • Aircraft Techlogs
  • 3rd Party Contract Management
  • Maintenance Workpacks & Capacity Planning
  • Integrating Flight Ops & Maintenance


Date: Recorded on 14th October 2021

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