Airbus Helicopters is the largest manufacturer in the industry by deliveries, revenues and services.

For the past several years Rusada have been collaborating with Airbus Helicopters on many strategic projects to improve the delivery and in-service support of its products. Focussing initially on tools with the company owned service centre network, Airbus Helicopters declared Rusada’s Envision products to be a cornerstone of its HCare Fleet digital services.

Rusada’s comprehensive and modular maintenance information system allows customers seeking to control some or all of their maintenance, airworthiness, logistics and operations in one complete system.

Rusada are the only Maintenance Information System (MIS) provider to have been awarded Elite status for fully integrated connected data services between our solution and Airbus data services.

These services include :

  • Direct E-procurement functions using an interface to Airbus Helicopters system
  • Flight and technical data synchronisation through the interface to Fleet Keeper®
  • Data migration and transmission through a series of interfaces to ease introduction into service, in service updates and helicopter transition between operators

In partnership with Airbus we are able to offer FleetMaster, a scaleable, fully hosted or on-premise solution package for all sizes of operator and maintainer around the world. To find out more, request a demo or download the brochure below.



How can I get more information?2019-04-05T09:10:55+00:00

Click on the contact us button below and you can add your details and enquiry to a from which will be sent directly to our team of experts.

Ask an expert
How can I use the solution for mixed fleets? I have different helicopters / fixed wing aircraft also.2017-11-02T16:49:11+00:00

The solution is in use by many different types of operations around the world. Customers successfully manage and maintain aircraft from multiple manufacturers. There are no restrictions on aircraft types that can be managed.

Will Airbus Helicopters provide the data I need to set up the helicopters in my fleet.2017-11-02T16:08:36+00:00

As an option, Airbus Helicopters can provide a service to provide this data. Alternately, we can migrate your existing data from your legacy system. Our scoping experts can provide more detail during the presentation.

Is it hosted?2019-04-05T09:16:18+00:00

In a word, yes. We can provide the solution on the cloud. However some organisations would prefer the system to be installed locally due to regional / operational mandates from the governing bodies. Envision can be deployed locally if so desired.

What if I don’t need a full ERP solution for my business needs?2017-11-02T16:08:46+00:00

Whilst Envision is a comprehensive maintenance and operations solution there are customers using just the modules they need and consequently only paying for what they need. As well as large MRO’s we have Continuous Airworthiness, Component Workshop and Air taxi operators all using relevant modules.

We have a number of packages to suit different business models. Or we can tailor a solution to your needs.

Can we deal with Rusada or Airbus Helicopters?2017-11-14T08:32:47+00:00

You are free to deal with either party, Airbus Helicopters recognises our expertise in the technical scoping of a solution for your business and the implementation of the software and that is why they have asked us to contact you directly.

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