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HAECO is one of the leading independent MRO service providers in the aviation industry, providing a comprehensive range of products and services in the Airframe, Cabin, Component, and Engine segments through its 16 operating companies around the world. It’s Engine Services division provides engine MRO, and component repair services from Hong Kong, Xiamen, Dallas, and Amsterdam.


In June 2017 we signed an agreement with HAECO Global Engine Support to deploy our ENVISION software at their site in Hong Kong.

The problem

Prior to ENVISION, HAECO Global Engine Support relied on spreadsheets and paperwork to track work on engines including the planning of work and resources required, executing maintenance, and recording the actual time spent on each task.

This resulted in a lack of visibility as there was no single place to track progress.

Management had to review documents one by one and chase people down to understand what was going on in each project.

The solution

Based on HAECO Global Engine Support’s business model we implemented our Component Maintenance, Inventory Management and Human Resources modules over the course of a 6-month period. This involved the planning and scoping of the project, defining process flows, training staff, and migrating their existing data over to ENVISION. You can take a more detailed look at our implementation process here.


For the training element, we worked closely with HAECO’s maintenance planning staff, engineers, supervisors, and maintenance control personnel to make sure they were all comfortable on the system. We also provided customised user manuals for future reference. 


One distinct element of the deployment was that HAECO had a small number of unique requirements that we didn’t have within ENVISION at the time, so these were developed alongside the implementation, to get their system live as soon as possible.


Following go-live we provided onsite support for two weeks, so that we were on hand to address any teething issues that occurred.

The result

In terms of visibility, our customisable dashboards were able to show management the progress of all jobs, and the status of key performance indicators. As technicians were using our Task Execution portal to record their time spent and any findings, this meant that everything observed in the dashboard was in real time, allowing quick and effective decision making.   


In terms of planning, our Task Assignment portal allowed supervisors to allocate tasks, based on technician’s availability and qualifications, review work, and close tasks all from one place. In addition, our Workshop Planning board identified capacity conflicts in planned works and allowed users to resolve them from the same screen.


On top of this, an interface created between ENVISION and HAECO’s in-house ‘ECHO’ system aided in the smooth flow of inventory between the two.


With all this in place, ENVISION was able to significantly improve HAECO’s visibility over projects and their planning capability, resulting in considerable amounts of money and time saved, and all in only 6 months.

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