Paperless Journeys


Airwork operates a wide range of aviation services from its base in Auckland, New Zealand. One of its key roles is operating ACMI services for three major freight suppliers across Australia and New Zealand, using a fleet of Boeing 737's. To successfully manage its growing operations and fleet, in 2015 it selected ENVISION as it's MRO software.


Following go live Airwork saw a marked improvement in its data integrity and a substantial reduction of administrative burden. The time and resource freed up by this meant Airwork could now explore new ways of improving their operations. A key area they identified was journey tracking and log entry, so a joint project between Airwork and Rusada was initiated to find a better solution.

The problem

Due to the geographical location of Airwork's arena of operations, communication with aircraft during flight was very limited. On top of this OOOI data (Gate Out, Wheels Off, Wheels On, Gate In) was recorded manually in paper logs and then uploaded into two disparate systems. This meant frequent accuracy issues and missing journeys as well time delays in loading the journey logs into the system.


To solve this problem an improved operational process was devised and Rusada developed new functionality for ENVISION to support this.

The solution

Airwork acquired Sky Connect satellite trackers from Honeywell and installed these across their entire fleet of aircraft. Meanwhile, Rusada created a data link from Sky Connect's tracking portal directly into ENVISION along with a sequencing process to ensure data was loaded in the correct order.

Reports and dashboards were also created to display and analyse journeys, and notifications set-up to identify exceptions. The solution was then tested and implemented by Rusada's experts.

The result

Airwork now has continual GPS tracking, allowing it to monitor aircraft locations at any point of a journey. Journey data is now accessible in ENVISION as soon as the aircraft has landed and the information is 100% accurate. With this data ENVISION can now automatically update hours and cycles against aircraft records and create an array of bespoke reports.


But best of all…. no more paper journey logs.


All of this has led to a significant increase in operational efficiency as well as a considerable reduction in cost.

What Airwork had to say

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