PDF Task Integration Webinar

In our latest webinar we demonstrate our new PDF Task Integrator, which allows you to upload customer PDF task cards, or a whole work package, directly into your ENVISION system.


What you'll see

If you receive task cards and work packages in PDF from your customers, you'll know that the process of recreating these in your own system and then working off two versions of the same card is extremely time consuming and inefficient. The problem is, you need to work off the format your MRO solution dictates, while your customer needs them in the format of their system.


In this webinar we'll show you how our new PDF Task Integrator allows you to do both with a single card.


To demonstrate, we will walk you through a real-world scenario, from first receipt of the customer’s work package, to assigning and executing the tasks electronically, before providing the customer with a PDF of their fully completed work in their preferred format.


Here’s how it will play out…


Production Planning

You’ll see how ENVISION uses state-of-the-art technology to seamlessly import PDF task cards from customers, both individually and for a whole work package. The system’s PDF Task Integrator will then intelligently discover all of the required signoffs within and link the card to your internal work order. 


Maintenance Supervisor

With the information now in ENVISION, the Maintenance Supervisor will view the list of open tasks, as well as their list of available Mechanics. With this information they will then assign tasks to individual Technicians, so that the Mechanic knows what work is required.


Maintenance Technician

The Maintenance Technician will then take over and view the open tasks assigned to them. They will be given a full view of the customer’s task card – including any signoff boxes that they have the skills and stamp to complete. Once finished, they can sign off the task electronically – where a physical image of their stamp is presented in the selected signoff box. 


Production Planner

We then will go back to the production planner, who can provide the completed PDF directly to the customer, with all electronic signoffs in place and a detailed task reference sheet in accompaniment .



We finish the webinar by revealing what is on the horizon to make this process even better, followed by a Q&A session.


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