Managing your library of task cards is a time-consuming and labour intensive activity. Using spreadsheets, word documents or any other offline solution means that as soon as the information from the OEM is updated, your task cards are immediately out of date. You also increase the risk of manual errors and non-compliance.

In addition to this, static task cards are inflexible and rigid in their structure which results in supplementary information being recorded in multiple locations rather than on the card itself.


Our new Technical Publications module allows OEM manuals and maintenance programs to be integrated directly into your ENVISION system, with the data from these then used to create an entire library of digital maintenance task cards. When OEM’s release a revision, the updated documents can be re-uploaded and all relevant task cards are automatically updated in one go, saving enormous amounts of time.

Having digital task cards allows you to add your own fields, procedures and validations without affecting the integrity of the OEM information.

Fields include:

  • New task procedures
  • Alternate task procedures
  • Supplementary task procedures
  • User-defined fields with custom validation
  • Electronic sequential sign-off

As ENVISION is a web-based solution, digital task cards can be accessed by engineers via tablet or smartphone, capturing technical feedback and electronic sign-off as they work.

In addition to this, by linking Technical Publications to ENVISION’s Human Resources module, you can ensure that only users with the correct designations and approval stamps can sign-off maintenance activities. This functionality also means that applicability for individual tasks can be designated based on the user’s training and qualifications, allowing you to remain fully compliant.


  • Save time and effort
  • Eliminate manual updates
  • Reduce errors
  • Work in compliance

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