The future of MRO software | AviTrader

26th Mar 2021

This article was originally published in the March 2021 edition of AviTrader MRO Magazine


Rusada began life as Russell Adams back in 1987. Their first piece of software was a solution for a single customer to manage a small fleet of aircraft. Over the past 30+ years that solution has evolved into ENVISION, Rusada’s flagship product. Today ENVISION is used by over 100 customers from 40 different counties to manage a combined fleet of 2,000+ aircraft.


According to Rusada CEO Julian Stourton, the past three decades of continued growth can be attributed to one key factor. “For me, the one thing to get right in any business is the people you work with. We pride ourselves on the abilities of our staff and how they represent the company. When we grow our teams, we always look for candidates with aviation experience, so they understand our customer’s environment and the difficulties they can face.”


Stourton goes on to explain how this focus on aviation separates Rusada from many of its competitors. “ENVISION is dedicated purely to aviation and has been since its inception. Other providers attempt to adapt generic ERP solutions to work for aviation, but the industry is so complex and unique that this approach rarely works well for the customer. We develop all of our functionality from the ground up with aviation processes in mind and work closely with our customer base to ratify our ideas.”


ENVISION’s functionality is split into three key areas: Airworthiness, Maintenance, and Flight Operations, with multiple modules within each of these that can be adopted as per the customer’s needs. It is used by aircraft operators and maintenance providers from all sectors of the industry to manage both fixed and rotary wing aircraft of all shapes and sizes. “The diversity of our customer base is very important because it allows us to identify and pass on the best practices from each area of the industry.” comments Stourton. “Many of our customers operate a mixed fleet configured for multiple roles so it’s imperative that ENVISION works for them in all situations.”


Having multiple aviation disciplines in one solution allows organisations to utilise one software instead of several, simplifying their internal processes and eliminating data errors between systems. “Our customers have found that by replacing multiple systems with ENVISION, they remove the silos between their different departments. With everyone using the same platform and on the same page, teamwork can thrive and significantly increase efficiency” says Stourton.