How Rusada’s Finance Manager Can Help Your Business

Working together with your current finance system, Rusada’s ‘Finance Manager’ module, which is part of its ‘Envision’ MRO software, is designed to compliment and support existing accounting set-ups. This is done by enabling a seamless transfer of important information and documents, such as sales invoices, customer/supplier updates and exchange rates, between two platforms (Envision and an existing finance system). 

 If you’re an airline, MRO or aviation organisation that already uses Envision or is thinking about adopting the solution, the Finance Manager will allow you to better manage the transactional processes and data attached to activities performed across its six other modules, while highly improving the management of your finances. 

For example, any parts sales invoice data that is processed through the ‘Materials Manager’ module within Envision will be passed over to the Finance Manager, and then transferred onto your own finance system, with ease. 

In addition, the module allows you to conduct defined period-based reporting, including period-based valuation reports such as ‘work in progress’ reporting, to enable consistent monitoring of costs and revenue. 

As mentioned before, it can facilitate sales and purchase invoicing information so you’re able to bill directly from the system, with detailed invoices defined by fixed price billing rules and tax codes. It can also work with multiple currencies and exchange rates. You can even issue group invoices, to further save time and money. 

Certainly, the Finance Manager module is easy to adopt. Offering over 30 application interfaces it can be integrated into many finance and ERP applications, such as SAP and Oracle. 

But if a different interface is needed, because a customer operates with a different finance system, the software can be customised at the time of installation. 

And, of course, Rusada’s team of specialists can assist throughout the process, working closely with your financing department. 

So what are the key benefits of using this module? 

As an Envision customer who has installed the Finance Manager module, you will be able to process invoices free of charge. You will also benefit from the purchase invoice matching tools that are able to provide full or partial matches before updating relevant stock valuation records (within the Materials Manager module). 

Additionally, data on hourly labour rates, parts allocated to tasks, services and additional costs are captured within the module, to give you a one-stop solution for managing your finances. 

The module also comes prepared with pricing and discount structures and these can be configured to make way for automatic sales processing. 

And, during installation credit checks, cash sales and account tax coding, functionalities will be built into the module to allow you to carry on working at a productive speed, albeit more efficiently. 

To summarise, below you’ll find a list of standard interfaces that exist between Envision and financial system such as SAP: 

  • Suppliers update from financial system into Envision
  • Customers update from financial system into Envision
  • Nominal accounts update from financial system into Envision
  • Address update from financial system into Envision
  • Exchange rate update from financial system into Envision
  • Matched purchase invoices updated from Envision to financial system
  • Sales invoices updated from Envision to financial system
  • Update financial journal transactions from Envision to financial system 

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