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From protoype to first flight, ENVISION has you covered

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As you continue to develop your new eVTOL aircraft, you will need a robust software solution in place to coordinate the key areas of your operations. Our ENVISION software solution can help you efficiently manage the following...

ENVISION's suitability for eVTOL Operations


On the production side this includes managing aircraft configuration and model trees, raising manufacturing orders for additional or modified components, operating test flights, and more. For aircraft type certification, the data and processes captured within the system can be used to demonstrate your aircraft's airworthiness to regulatory bodies such as the FAA and EASA in support of your application.


Implementing a solution that can connect and streamline these activites allows you to maximise resource utilization and save significant amounts of time during this critical initial period.

Enhanced aftermarket support

Then, once your aircraft start rolling off the production line, ENVISION can also become an important generator of additional revenue.


Our software can be made available by you, to your customers, to support the airworthiness and maintenance of your aircraft. We offer a complete suite of modules that they can use to manage aircraft compliance, plan and execute maintenance, control inventory, and much more.


This would allow you to provide customers with a ready-to-go maintenance solution, including a pre-scheduled maintenance program, pre-built configuration model, and access to a pool of parts all from day one, so they can start flying as soon as possible.


We see ENVISION as the perfect way to generate further income for you throughout the product lifecycle, whilst offering your clients a premium level of support.



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