Digitize your maintenance with ENVISION’s newest module.

Technical Publications can be used by aircraft operators and MRO’s to integrate their library of documents into ENVISION, thereby creating live, digital versions of these essential resources.

These publications can then be authored and enhanced in numerous ways to increase their usability.

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OEM Manuals is used to create a live digital version of an aircraft or engine manual. Once integrated into ENVISION information from manuals can be linked to maintenance tasks and accessed on-the-go by engineers.

When manuals are revised the information and linked task cards can be easily updated, removing the need for them to be constantly re-written.

OEM Maintenance Program creates a live digital version of an aircraft or engine maintenance program. Information from the maintenance program can then create a full list of tasks linked to each aircraft.

If the maintenance program is revised by the OEM then the information in ENVISION can be instantly updated along with any associated maintenance tasks.

Task Card Authoring provides the ability to take task cards created from the OEM Maintenance Program and amend them as per user requirements without losing the original data from the OEM.

Options include:

  • Add new task procedures
  • Add alternate task procedures
  • Add supplement task procedures
  • Designate applicability
  • Add custom fields
  • Validate sign-off

Electronic Sign-off enables users to add a host of different sign-off options to maintenance task cards. This includes the ability to sign-off from multiple personnel as well as the option to sign-off in sequence.

By connecting Technical Publications to ENVISION’s Human Resources module, supervisors can implement validated sign-off that links to the user’s approval stamps and training records to see if they are authorised to sign-off the task in question. This allows organisations to be fully compliant when it comes to the approval of maintenance activities.

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