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Quality & Safety

Quality & Safety provides a range of functionality to manage auditing and occurrence reporting.

This maintains a safe environment for your workforce, whilst ensuring standards of quality are preserved.

Quality & Safety consists of the below features...


Provides a range of functionalities to manage audits and non-conformance including...

  • Audit creation
  • Audit instance scheduling (individual and date range specific scheduling catered for)
  • Non-conformance creation and processing, including root cause identification
  • Non-conformance action creation, processing, and approval process
  • Association of authority and user-defined requirements and check list questions
  • Audit calendar visualisation including instance, non-conformance and action processing
  • Non-conformance email and status alerts
  • Non-conformance action email and status alerts


Manages all aspects of occurrence reporting and route cause identification including...


Occurrence detail management, where basic information regarding the occurrence can be reported i.e. type, severity, description, date, time, responsibility, reported by etc. This includes integration with our Human Resources solution for employee related data. Additional details can then be recorded depending on the type of occurrence including:


Aircraft details which integrate with Fleet Management and maintain information such as flight No., route, crew & passenger info, tech log, A/C hours & cycles etc.


Maintenance details which integrate with ENVISION's Base & Line and Component MRO modules and maintains information such as occurrence location, parts, task/s and/or defects related to the occurrence.


Conditions details where information such as weather conditions, runway conditions, wake turbulence etc. as applicable to occurrence can be maintained.


Bird strike details as applicable to occurrence.


Occurrence action creation, processing and approval process including:


  • Occurrence actions may be auto created based on user defined setup or manually added
  • Occurrence action target dates may be auto calculated based on user defined setup or manually input
  • Full occurrence action submission and approval process with integration with Human Resources ensuring only employees with the applicable roles and access rights can approve/reject submitted actions
  • Occurrence email notification and alerts


Risk Assessment, identification of Risk Level for Safety Occurrences based on a user defined Risk Matrix.

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