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Human Resources

Our Human Resources module manages all employee records and information, including qualifications/licences, skills, approval stamps, and time & attendance.

It also features the management of employee training activities, as well as the ability to create and complete online training courses.

The module allows you to get the most out of your workforce and keep your operations running smoothly.

Human Resources has the following features...

Employee Master

Allows users to generate and maintain employee records and associated data.  The ability to create a user defined employee workflow process is in place which ensures that access to various elements of employee data is available only to users with defined roles and responsibilities.

Organisation Chart

Displays a visualisation of company employee hierarchy, filterable by Base.

Allows for the adding, editing, and viewing of supervisor assignments and the viewing of employee details with access control via roles and responsibilities.

Self Service Portal

Allows individual employees to update/maintain specific defined data associated with their employee record.

Qualifications & Licences

Allows users to generate and maintain both pending and valid qualification records, with associated links to employee qualification assignment, employee qualification recurrence control, employee qualification validity control, approval stamp with ability to control stamp validity, and course-based qualification renewal.


Allows the user to generate and maintain skill records, with links to skill associations, skill limitations, skill categories, employee skill assignment, employee skill validity control, and qualification links.

Approval Stamps

Allows the user to generate and maintain approval stamps with associated links to employee assignment, validity control (linked with qualification expiry), issue control and full validation for application during closure of tasks.

Time & Attendance

Manages a range of functions including shift creation and maintenance, shift assignment, productive time bookings (including multi-task booking), non-productive time bookings, overtime bookings, approved absences (user-defined categorisations), approved absence entitlement, time booking and approved absence approval, and official holidays which are base specific.


Users can also set up auto-clock-off schedulers, that permit automatic clock-off after defined durations or end time of shift.


There is a dedicated Entry/Exit Portal recording employee arrivals and departures from work via input of Employee No. or barcode scanning. Entry/Exit Portal is fully integrated with all other productive and non-productive time booking functionality. Users can also set up time booking email and status alerts.

Training Course Creator

Allows users to generate training courses for different employee trades. This includes the creation of both online and classroom training courses, the storage and management of version-controlled course content, and course tests and exams with the recording of results and generation of certificates.

Courses can also be set up to validate the skills and auto-renew the qualifications linked to the course upon successful completion

Training Management

Manages the scheduling of training course events, and the assignment of employees to course events, whether they are created in ENVISION or being run via an external provider. Employee's training activity can be visualised using the employee Planning Board to avoid schedule clashes. Any completed training will in turn update the employee's associated qualifications, skills, and stamps.


There is also a Training Board which gives visibility of planned classroom course schedules as well as reporting employee training requirements and available student capacity on course schedules.

Planning Board

Provides a visual display by date of a range of employee related data.

Filters to define user applicable data include base, department, shift code, approved absences (training, sick etc.), requested leave, official holidays, qualification expiries.

The board then allows you to easily assign employees to courses in association with expiring/expired qualification.

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