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Finance & Accounting

ENVISION's Finance & Accounting module manages all the financial accounting aspects of an aviation environment. 

The module easily synchronises with your corporate accounting software to provide real-time visibility of transactional exchanges.

Finance & Accounting consists of the below features...

Purchase Invoices

Manages all aspects of the purchase ledger. This includes the receipt and registering of supplier invoices, the matching of the values and the coding and processing of invoices through to the finance package for payment. Coding rules can be applied (although these can be manually overridden) and the system allows for the processing of both material-based and service-based invoices.

Purchase Price Variances

Handles situations of price discrepancy when matching a purchase invoice. In ENVISION these are called Purchase Price Variances. If a ‘PPV’ exists then the purchase invoice cannot be posted until the ‘PPV’ has either been approved, or a vendor credit memo requested and processed.

Prepayment Purchase Invoices

Allows for a purchase order to be flagged in such a way that goods must be paid for before they are receipted. This process ties together purchase orders/receipts and purchase invoices and ensures that it happens in the correct sequence (i.e., payment first).

Sales Invoices

Manages all aspects of the sales ledger, including the creation of invoices to the customer. For work-order based invoicing the system provides billing functionality to define the pricing of materials, labour, and services which then flow through to the invoice.

Invoice sign-off and approval can be applied based on limits and multi-level authorisation. Automated or manual coding is then applied, and the invoice can then be passed through to the finance package for payment collection.

Sales Credit Memos can also be raised for any ad hoc credits that might be required.

Nominal Journals

All key operational processes undertaken within ENVISION trigger the creation of a financial nominal journal entry, for example, receipting a part will generate a ‘Goods Received Not Invoiced Provision Journal’.  All parts, labour, and services transactions are covered by this.

Period-Based Analysis

All transactions in the system are stamped with a financial period, enabling the system to provide financial period-based analysis and reports for the current and previous periods. The period control allows the period opening and closure to be managed and audited and published at the end of each period.

Financial Valuations

All financial transactions in the system are based on real time journals for all transactions related to materials, labour, and services.

This provides the ability to generate instant valuations for current stock, work in progress, cost of sales, and accruals. Material valuation is based on actual cost.

Fixed Assets

Manages the fixed asset list for the business that can include both aircraft related assets as well as plant and equipment. The system manages the list and the procurement assets, while allowing for a depreciation method to be applied to each asset.


Enables the processing of incoming and outgoing financial transactions in any currency whilst publishing financial reported figures in the currency of the company.

The control and update of the exchange rates can be based on a real time interface/web service with the finance package or external source.

Chart of Accounts

Provides the ability to manage and control the company chart of accounts. This includes suppliers and customers as well as the general ledger codes used for financial transactions. The update and management of these is via the financial package interface.

Analysis Codes & Dimensions

Supports the ability to provide a financial code breakdown of transactions to support the financial reporting requirements of the business. Analytical codes can be multi-dimensional with no restriction on levels. Each dimension can be linked to transaction rules such as cost centre and department as well as down to specific registrations. The codes are applied based on business rules and will form part of the transfer journals posted to the financial package.

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