ENVISION Maintenance is used to manage your base, line, and component maintenance activities as well as your inventory. Our modules allow you to digitise your operations and realise a state of paperless MRO.


Inventory Management

Our Inventory Management module handles all aspects of warehouse activities in an aviation environment. 

Users can manage the records and whereabouts of their stock, tools, and ground support equipment, as well as the process of acquiring or selling materials, and the associated logistics of this.

The module's efficient management of inventory means you can reduce the levels of stock you hold and operate a leaner replenishment strategy.

You can see Inventory Management's features below...

Part Master

Allows users to define and control part master data. This includes functions for creating and approving new parts, rules for managing minimum, maximum and re-order levels (both at warehouse, base, and company level), managing alternative parts, managing aircraft/model applicability and supplier pricing management.

Purchase Requisitions

Manages all aspects of requisition management. Requisitions can be generated either from a min/max stock re-order recommendation, from a work order requirement (check, component, or line work order) or manually generated.

Based on user defined rules, stock allocations can be automatically created and where no stock exists, inter-warehouse transfers generated, RFQs created, or purchase orders generated.

Dashboards are available to show various requisition statuses.

Purchase RFQs

Allows a user to create and manage requests for quotations (RFQs) that are sent out to suppliers. The system will allow the selection of any number of parts and any number of vendors to be included in the RFQ process and will automatically generate formatted emails that are sent to the vendor.

Vendors can then just fill out the email response, return the mail and this will automatically update the RFQ. These responses can then be analysed, preferred vendors selected, and associated purchase orders generated.

Purchase Orders

Allows users to generate and maintain purchase orders. Purchase orders can be generated either from a purchase requisition or manually created and a user defined workflow approval process put in place to manage the approval process which can be multiple levels. Several purchase order types are supported...

  • Stock purchase orders
  • Non-aircraft purchase orders
  • Exchange orders
  • Loan orders
  • Borrow orders
  • Service orders

Material Receipt

Manages all aspect of receiving parts into the system. It will control the Batch Book providing the traceability and management of all receipts. Multiple receipt processing can be carried out on a base and warehouse level. It provides, via the workflow engine, the ability to define the receipt process into stages including Goods-in, Inspection and Quarantine. Discrepancies are managed during the receipt process with the ability to interact with the supplier via email for any non-conformities.

The area allows for the receipt of...


  • Stock purchase order
  • Repair order
  • Exchange order
  • Manufacture
  • Loan order
  • Stock return from workshops
  • Customer owned property


Assemblies can also be receipted including the logging of individual parts as well as the verification and update of any life code information and compliance of work carried out.

Sales Quotes

Manages all aspects of the part sales quoting process. This includes adding a quotation header, adding quotation line items for parts, quantities, transaction types, lead times, and part condition. Pricing can be calculated using imported prices or list prices and mark up and discounts can also be applied.


Quotes are routed through an approval process before being issued to the customer, and quote line items can be set to an ‘accepted’ or ‘rejected’ status, depending on customer requirements. Accepted items can be converted into a Sales Order automatically in just a few clicks.

Sales Orders

Part Sales Orders can be created from Sales Quotes or can be added directly without quoting. Once sales order lines (demands) have been created, they can be satisfied from existing stock, or procured from a supplier, and prepared for dispatch.


Enables the dispatch of materials from a facility.

This may be the transfer of stock between facilities in the business or the dispatch of parts to customers and suppliers.

The dispatch process covers all areas relating to the packaging and delivery of goods including the paperwork, weights and dimensions, customs paperwork, and integration with any freight forwarder.

Stock Management

Manages all aspects of stock within each warehouse facility including...

  • Warehouse base and line facility management
  • Location control and movement of stock
  • Barcode processing including the creation of labels
  • Stock auditing and cycle counts
  • Inter-base transfer and stock replenishment
  • Shelf-life control
  • Un-serviceable stock management and quarantine store
  • Stock instructions - the ability to assign stock management functions to specific storeman for processing (pick lists, repairs, stock write-offs, quarantine, IBT and dispatches)

Tools & GSE Management

Manages tool and ground support equipment related activities within the business.

This includes their location, status, and scheduled use.

Users can manage the issue and return of tools and GSE to staff, providing both traceability and historical analysis of their issue to registrations, work orders, and specific inspections.

Tool & GSE Maintenance

Manages both the calibration of tools and the maintenance of ground support equipment.

Tool calibration can be controlled at multiple life periods and provides the ability to generate and manage calibration and tool repair orders.


Tool planning is provided by allowing a tooling BOM to be defined against each task card, which can then be used to predict tool availability for forthcoming maintenance. A tool planning board provides a visual display of requirements and any shortfalls.


For ground support equipment, maintenance can forecasted, planned, and executed using information from other areas of the system to facilitate the process.


Manages the fixed asset list for the business that can include both aircraft related assets as well as plant and equipment. The system manages the list and the procurement of each of the assets and allows for a depreciation method to be applied to each of the assets.

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