Our Line Maintenance software is used by aircraft operators and MRO’s to schedule and execute a multitude of maintenance activities as well as manage contracts, turn checks and ground support equipment.

This module can either operate as a standalone solution or seamlessly integrate with Fleet Management, Flight Operations, Human Resources and Inventory Management to maximise operating performances.

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Contracts allows a user to define a range of terms associated with line maintenance activities. Key functions include:

  • Contract header details including customer details
  • Fleet and/or aircraft covered by contract
  • Services provided by the contract
  • Pricing policies
  • Capping terms
  • Invoice and payment terms
  • Create Invoices

Turn Checks allows a user to define a range of standard checks which in turn can be incorporated either into a contract or manually selected with a line check.

Key functions include:

  • Turn check description
  • Tasks and task off-sets
  • Labour requirements
  • Material requirements
  • Ground support equipment requirements

Maintenance Scheduling allows a user to schedule activities.

Key functions include:

  • Integrating with flight operations, to define ground slots
  • Integrating with airport systems, to get the latest ground slots
  • Automatic creation of Turn Check, based on contract terms
  • Manual creation of Turn Check
  • Optional import of deferred defects
  • Optional import of upcoming inspections
  • Allocate tasks to Line maintenance teams or individual users

Maintenance Execution allows users to record maintenance work. Key functions include:

  • Start work on task
  • Stop work on task
  • Complete task
  • Request parts, tools and services
  • Sign-off the Turn Check
  • Simple issue of parts

Ground Support Equipment allows users to manage all their ground support equipment and resources. Key functions include:

  • Manage each piece of Ground Support Equipment
  • Manage maintenance requirements for Ground Support Equipment
  • Forecasting Ground Support Equipment maintenance requirements
  • Planning and executing Ground Support Equipment maintenance
  • Scheduling Ground Support equipment to aircraft maintenance requirements
Base Maintenance
Component Maintenance

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