Our Human Resources software provides several modules that help a user manage all aspects of resource certifications, stamp approvals, training requirements and scheduling and managing of all training activities.

Managing resources, such as engineers, flight crews, cabin crews, is a critical aspect of aviation maintenance and flight operations compliance.

Human Resources consists of the following sub-modules…

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Employee Master allows a user to generate and maintain employee records and associated data.  The ability to create a user-defined employee workflow process is possible, which ensures access to updated various elements of employee data is available only to users with defined roles and responsibilities.

Self Service Portal allows individual employees to update / maintain specific defined data associated with their employee record.

Certificates allows a user to generate and maintain qualification records with associated links: to employee qualification assignment, employee qualification recurrence control, employee qualification validity control, approval stamp (with ability to control stamp validity) and course-based qualification renewal.

Skills allows a user to generate and maintain skill records with associated links to skill association with skill category, skill model applicability, employee skill assignment, employee skill validity control and skill links with qualifications.

Approval Stamps allows a user to generate and maintain Approval Stamp with associated links to: Approval Stamp employee assignment, Approval Stamp validity control (linked with qualification expiry), Approval Stamp issue control and full validation for Approval Stamp application during closure of tasks.

Time & Attendance administers a range of functions including: shift creation & maintenance, employee shift assignment, employee productive time bookings, employee non-productive time bookings, overtime bookings, employee approved absences (user defined categorisations), employee approved absence entitlement, approved absence approval and official holidays, that are base specific.

Training allows a user to generate and maintain training records including: the creation and maintenance of training courses, scheduling of training course events, assignment of employees to scheduled course events, recording of course results, course renewal management and visualisation of scheduled employee training on the employee planning board.

Planning Board provides a visual display, arranged by date, of a range of employee related data (filters available to define user applicable data) including: base, department, shift code, approved absences, requested leave, official holidays, qualification expiries and the functionality to auto-assign employees to courses in association with expiring / expired qualification.

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