ENVISION Flight Ops is designed for airlines and aircraft operators to effectively manage their flights and crew. Our modules allow you to intelligently plan your flight operations and ensure maximum utilisation of your fleet.


Crew Management

Crew Management controls all the crew related aspects of flight operations, including their assignment to flights, schedules, and pre-flight check-ins.

The module works closely alongside Operations Control to ensure that all flight operations are efficiently and effectively coordinated.

Crew Management contains the following features...

Duty Assignment

By using the Operations & Roster Board the user can manually assign and reassign crews to flights and other user defined duties. Any FTL or Qualification violation will be clearly displayed.

Crew Pairing

Allows for the creation of pairings which can be duplicated for future dates saving users time during long-term planning. Assignment can be made either manually by the user, or via auto-assignment for any given roster period.

FTL Rules Configuration

Enables users to succinctly manage and assign their list of FTL (Flight Time Limitations) rules. Users can easily configure their own set of rules based on a number of definable fields. These include...

  • Flight hours
  • Duty Hours
  • Days Off
  • Early Start, Late Finishes
  • Maximum Flight Duty Period
  • Minimum Rest
  • Standby Duties
  • Counters


The system allows the creation of multiple FTL schemes with the ability to assign and move crews between schemes based on the organization's needs.

Hotel & Transport Booking Manager

Allows the user to manage the booking process for hotels and any transport requirements of the crew.

Roster Publishing

Enables users to manage the publishing of crew rosters. The solution can create publishing periods, and then publish rosters via email to crew. Once the email has been read it automatically confirms any changes. Crew members can also login and view their rosters online.

Crew Check-In Manager

Monitors the progress of crew check-in to ensure all crew have arrived on time.

A list of all crew is displayed with their real-time check-in status highlighted.

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