ENVISION Tasks is our native app for the execution of aircraft maintenance tasks. The app provides technicians and engineers with a streamlined version of their ENVISION workspace, allowing them to conduct maintenance quickly and efficiently.

The app seamlessly integrates with ENVISION’s Fleet Management, Technical Publications, and Base & Line Maintenance modules to ensure everyone is working from the same page.

ENVISION Tasks is available on iOS, Android and Windows tablets with full approval from Apple, Google and Microsoft.



Tasks that are assigned to a Technician or Engineer in ENVISION will be visible to them when they log into the app. Key task information such as the aircraft, task type, location and priority are displayed as well as its current status. More detailed information is then available once the tasks is opened.

Once the user is ready to begin the task they can start booking time and stop once completed. Performing this action on the job provides accurate and insightful data for planners, as well as real time status updates.

Any part, tool or service requirements that arise before or during the task can be actioned in situ, saving time and allowing for better resource planning for future occurrences of that task.

Once a task is completed users can sign-off electronically, providing they have the correct qualifications. Tasks can be authored within ENVISION’s Technical Publications module to designate who is authorised to sign-off tasks and in which order this must happen.

The app can work offline, in both planned and un-planned scenarios. When offline working is planned, users can download a work package in advance and then perform maintenance tasks without an internet connection. When unplanned, in-progress tasks can still be executed, time booked, spares requested and many other functions, which will then sync back to the main database once a connection is restored.


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