ENVISION Stock is our native mobile app for the management of aircraft inventory.

The app simplifies the ENVISION workspace for Warehouse and Stores personnel, allowing them to conduct common stock actions quickly and efficiently.

The app seamlessly integrates with ENVISION’s Inventory Management module and the ENVISION Tasks app to ensure real-time visibility for all users.

ENVISION Stock is available on iOS and Android devices with full approval from both Apple and Google.

ENVISION Stock Home Screen


Provides visibility of open vendor orders awaiting the first step of receipt, as well as a list of the individual parts to be received. These can be filtered by vendor, order number or base. Once parts are delivered they can be received into the system ready for inspection. Users can enter the quantity of parts received and compare this to the quantity ordered. Part serial numbers can also be input if required.

View your current stock and where it’s located, with options to filter by part number or base as needed. You can then change a part’s physical location in the system if moved or currently incorrect. You also have the option to move stock to the default location for that part number.

See when parts or tools have been requested by a Technician or Engineer, either through the core system or the ENVISION Tasks app. These can then be issued to the relevant user, either one at a time or all at once. The app will use your device’s camera for barcode scanning to speed up the process.

Perform and update stock checks created in the system. Users can view all items in the check, and then for each part view expected quantities. Actual quantities can then be recorded and unlocatable parts can be flagger as ‘Missing’.

For parts requiring dispatch to a repair station or a different base, air waybills can be scanned using the device’s camera and attached to the dispatch record. This will record the AWB reference and courier information for future reference.

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