ENVISION Flights is our new native mobile app, designed for the viewing and creation of upcoming flights.

By working alongside ENVISION’s Flight Operations module, the app provides Flight Crew with up-to-the-minute flight information and enables them to carry out multiple functions straight from the cockpit.

ENVISION Flights is available on iOS and Android devices with full approval from both Apple and Google.


Provides visibility of assigned upcoming flights including aircraft details and timings. Users can perform key actions such as divert, cancel or return the flight to the stand. Aircraft registration and flight type can also be amended.

Users can add actual departure and landing times, and compare these to estimated times. This data then pulls through to the Flight Operations module for planners.

See who is assigned to the flight and in what position. Users can then add crew members to unassigned positions, updating their app profiles in turn. Assigned crew members can also be removed and additional positions added.

View fuel carried over from the previous journey, then record fuel actuals for usage and uplift. These can then be compared to the planned figures. Oil uplift can also be recorded.

Expected passengers (including adults/children/infants), baggage (including number of pieces and overall weight), and freight can all be viewed, and actual baggage can be recorded.

Raise defects discovered by crew members (PIREP), these will then pull through to the aircraft techlog.

Users can add ad-hoc flights to the system and record key information. The flight will then appear in upcoming flights allowing for further updates.


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