Airworthiness, Maintenance & Flight Operations Software

ENVISION is our aviation software solution for managing Airworthiness, Maintenance and Flight Operations. Currently used by over 150 aircraft operators and MROs worldwide to manage 2,000+ airplanes and helicopters, ENVISION's wide range of functionality and user-friendly interfaces empower decision makers by providing them with accurate and insightful data.


The culmination of over 35 years of experience, ENVISION is designed purely for aviation, with every piece of functionality developed with aircraft in mind, by industry experts.


All-in-one solution


Our multi-discipline software allows you to manage an array of activities with one system instead of several. All our modules are connected and compatible so you don't have to worry about data discrepancies or miscommunications. This means reconnected teams, and everybody working from the same page.

Technologically advanced


ENVISION utilises the most up-to-date technologies and development practices to provide a fast and intuitive experience. It is web-based, device-agnostic and accompanied by our suite of mobile apps, so you can use it anytime, anywhere. ENVISION can easily integrate with other systems, removing the need for wholesale software changes, and can either be hosted on-premise or in the cloud, whichever suits you best.

Pay for what you use


ENVISION is split into three key areas: Airworthiness, Maintenance, and Flight Operations. There are also a number of supporting modules that complement these. Together the system comprises of 10 modules and 3 apps that work together as one fully integrated solution. Only require part of the solution? No problem. We can create a customised package based on your business model and capabilities so you only pay for the areas you need.



Our Airworthiness modules are designed for airlines, aircraft operators, and CAMO providers, to keep their aircraft fully compliant and ready to fly. They allow you to manage your aircraft configuration, reliability & serviceability, technical records and more. By using this in conjunction with our Maintenance modules you can proactively plan, schedule and execute maintenance activities and events.

• Configuration Management
• Maintenance Programs
• Maintenance Planning
• Aircraft Serviceability
• Technical Logs & Defects
• Structural Damage
• Reliability Monitoring FIND OUT MORE
• ADs & SBs
• OEM Maintenance Manuals
• OEM Maintenance Programs FIND OUT MORE

Our Maintenance modules are used by airlines, aircraft operators, and maintenance providers to efficiently manage their MRO. They can manage base, line, and component maintenance activities as well as inventory. This allows you to digitise your operations and realise a state of paperless MRO.

ENVISION Maintenance is augmented by our Tasks and Stock mobile applications. These apps enable users to connect to ENVISION on-the-go, providing all the tools they need to efficiently conduct maintenance tasks and manage stock.

• Contracts
• Quotations
• Sales Orders
• Work Orders
• Task Management
• Digital Task Cards
• PDF Task Cards
• Hangar Management
• Capacity Planning
• Maintenance Scheduling
• Turn Checks
• Task Assignment
• Task Execution FIND OUT MORE
• Sales Orders
• 3rd Party Receipt
• Capabilities
• Repair Orders
• Manufacturing Orders
• Digital Task Cards
• Task Assignment
• Task Execution
• Dispatch & Invoice FIND OUT MORE
• Part Master
• Purchase Requisitions
• Purchase RFQs
• Purchase Orders
• Material Receipt
• Sales Quotes
• Sales Orders
• Dispatch
• Stock Management
• Tools & GSE Management
• Tools & GSE Maintenance
• View Assigned Maintenance Tasks
• Start/Stop Time Booking
• Request Parts & Tools
• Report Findings
• Sign-off Electronically FIND OUT MORE
• Receive Stock
• Relocate Stock
• Issue Stock
• Count Stock

Our Flight Operations modules are designed for airlines and aircraft operators to effectively manage their flights and crew. They allow you to intelligently plan your flight operations with the assistance of real-time information, such as crew availability, weather data, and aircraft compatibility to ensure maximum utilisation of your fleet. ENVISION Flight Ops is designed to manage all types of flights and missions including commercial, charter, cargo, EMS, military and more.

• Schedule Manager
• Tail Assignment
• Operations & Roster Board
• Day of Operations
• Dispatch Manger
• Delay Analysis
• Missions FIND OUT MORE
• Duty Assignment
• Crew Pairing
• FTL Rules Configuration
• Hotel & Transport Booking Manager
• Roster Publishing
• Crew Check-In Manager FIND OUT MORE
• View Upcoming Flights
• Create, Divert, or Cancel Flights
• Allocate Crew Positions
• Update Actuals, Oil & Fuel, Payload

Our Support modules facilitate business processes and administration for any and all areas of our software. This allows you to manage key resources and processes from multiple areas of your business all in one place. Our Support modules include Human Resources, Finance & Accounting, and Quality & Safety. These are designed and developed specifically for aviation and all the complexities that come with it.

• Employee Master
• Organisation Chart
• Self Service Portal
• Qualifications & Licences
• Skills
• Approval Stamps
• Time & Attendance
• Training Course Creator
• Training Management
• Planning Board FIND OUT MORE
• Purchase Invoices
• Purchase Price Variances
• Prepayment Purchase Invoices
• Sales Invoices
• Nominal Journals
• Period Based Analysis
• Financial Valuations
• Fixed Assets
• Multi-Currency
• Chart of Accounts
• Analysis Codes & Dimensions FIND OUT MORE
• Audits
• Audit Ranges
• Non-Conformances & Actions
• Occurrences
• Occurrence Actions
• Occurrence Ranges
• Risk Assessment FIND OUT MORE

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