by Charlotte Daniels

Covid has provided a landscape that proves the benefits of digital and remote processes. Unsurprisingly, operators and MROs aren’t looking to invest or adopt new procedures right now. “They’re in survival mode,” says Ian Kent, product manager at Rusada. Rusada’s ‘ENVISION’, a web-based suite of modules, offers digital solutions for key areas of aircraft operations and maintenance.

“For most operators and MRO providers, making these investments can follow once they’ve weathered the storm,” Kent continues. However, Rusada has seen some clients utilize the downtime of grounded fleets to completely reassess their processes, with tangible, positive outcomes. Manta Air, a domestic tourist operator based in the Maldives, saw operations decimated due to the pandemic. With its ATR fleet grounded and staff unable to perform their regular duties, Manta seized the opportunity to evaluate how to maximize the use of ENVISION.

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By gathering eight teams, each comprising eight people from different departments, Manta tasked each group to list the software each department uses. It then tasked the teams to investigate all the functions each department performed. “Every process was questioned and assessed,” explains Kent. “When it came to the engineering department, Manta realized they were using less than half of the capabilities ENVISION provides. This was due to some cultural resistance to change, as ENVISION was relatively new software to them.”

Manta saw the full potential their M&E system could provide and so contacted Rusada to arrange additional software training sessions (all, of course, remote). “Two months on, and their utilization of ENVISION was 87%,” adds Kent. “Manta pushed through the resistance to change and is now seeing the benefits, including greater efficiencies and leaner operations.”

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