CAMO – EASA plans new changes to enable airlines to operate without their own CAMO

EASA is responding to European Airlines requests to be able to outsource CAMO to specialists and MRO’s without the need to retain their own CAMO organisation.

As has been recently publicised in the aviation press, EASA in response to demands from airlines in the region are looking to change the regulations governing outsourcing of airworthiness management and are seeking to amend the rule that mandates that the airline still has to retain their own CAMO approval.

Whilst this process is still likely to take 6 to 12 months to pass through all the legal approval and operator feedback stages it may interest you to know that several companies already provide CAMO services to airlines using the Rusada Envision Fleet Management module. These customers range from niche pure CAMO and training organisations such as Avisa and its sister company Avisa Gulf through airline backed MRO operations such as Singapore Airlines Engineering to MRO’s such as Hong Kong Aircraft Engineering and even manufacturer total solution CAMO support such as that offered by Eurocopter.

All of these organisations have helped both established and start up operations benefit from their experience of the aircraft types they manage. Envision’s ability to manage aircraft complex configurations and track the nuances between individual aircraft is well proven. Add to that some unique controls over tracking non-effectivity such that the take on and more importantly the timely end of lease hand-back process is considerably speeded up and Envision becomes an invaluable item in the CAMO toolbox.

All of these companies you will see are involved in CAMO but each one is involved for different reasons. One has established it as the mainstay of their independent consulting business; others see it as a means of extending their service offering in order to secure more market share for their main operations. Whilst a third sees the tremendous benefit in being able to gather operational data to maintain and continuously improve the reliability of its products and research the effectiveness of its maintenance programs.

If you would like to know more about Envision or our partners using the solution, please contact us via our contact page on our website.


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