Behind the Logo – Dheepak Rajaram

With our combination of aviation experts and technologists, we know that it’s our people that differentiates Rusada from other technology vendors. Get to know more about our amazing team through this series of blogs which discusses the people ‘behind the logo’.

The next Rusada team member to be put under the spotlight is one of our Aviation Business Analysts, Dheepak Rajaram.

Firstly, tell us more about what you do

As an Aviation Business Analyst at Rusada, I focus on the processes and steps our technology takes to deliver user requirements. In simple terms, I bridge the gap between capturing the needs of our customers and what our product development team deliver.

Being at the sharp end of development means that I capture new or existing requests to business processes that a customer might highlight as a requirement before evaluating how Envision nGen might evolve to meet that requirement. Any new functionality we propose needs to be interrogated to ensure we are aligned to the wider industry standards and requirements.

Understandably, customers expect their investment in their maintenance information system to optimise business processes and a key output of my role is to ensure Envision nGen will deliver these improvements in productivity, planning, forecasting and execution of maintenance work.

How did you get here?

I’ve always had a passion for aeronautics and I pursued this academically through an Engineering Degree in Aviation.

Since graduating, I’ve spent 7 years working within the aviation industry, initially with Rolls Royce as a service engineer where I drafted engineering and component maintenance manuals, analysed defects and worked on reducing the life-cycle operating costs of jet engines.

I’ve been with Rusada since 2014 where I’ve worked across a number of functions including product testing, business analysis and the on-site implementation of customer projects.

What is the best thing about your job?

At Rusada, every day is a challenge, but always in a positive way. As a business analyst, I need to get into customer shoes to understand how to extract the most value from Envision nGen. It’s very much a problem-solving environment which means that when we reach a resolution, our whole team experiences satisfaction as a result.

As a company which aims to be at the forefront of aviation maintenance technology, we are able to experience and influence the development of our solutions. We are also encouraged to collaborate across teams to understand adjacent business areas. Finally, as an aviation enthusiast, there’s nothing beats being on site with a customer, embedded in their operation to truly appreciate their requirements and to define how we can help a demonstrable positive impact.

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