Advance Your Flight Operations And Crew Education Management

This week’s blog post is all about making your workforce the best it can be. Read on to find out more… 

Certainly, most companies would like to think that their workforce is the best it can be, with all team members working efficiently together to deliver a quality service. But knowing whether your team are communicating with each other at all times and doing so effectively can be quite a challenge. 

And an airline is one business where communication is key, not only to ensure the successful running of it but also to ensure that all crew and passengers are working and/or travelling in a safe environment.   

As an airline you should examine how well your business model is delivering everything that it needs to in order to successfully manage fleet scheduling, charter requirements and crew training. Them, if there are areas that can be improved you should act upon them with haste. 

So while our previous blog posts have discussed how an airline can better plan maintenance and improve MRO processes, we have yet to explore how an airline can manage inflight crew records and flight data in order to operate a more cost-effective fleet. 

Here are some ways in which you can improve your operational procedures by managing flight schedules, staff and training through one comprehensive solution. 

Fool proof planning 

Just like any other organisation, an airline will experience staff shortages whether that’s because of illnesses or another unforeseen circumstances. Therefore monitoring and planning for such incidents is of utmost importance. 

But how can you ensure that your business is covered when such incidents occur? 

Featuring rich flight operations and crew education information, Rusada’s Operations Manager module (part of its Envision MRO platform) is one tool that will equip you with all that you need to manage flight schedules and workforce rotas successfully. 

It allows for the creation of multiple flight operations boards that represent entire or partial fleets, which can then be uploaded manually or automatically from your flight schedules. It also has the ability to automatically check and re-check crew capability against scheduling requirements, by employing defined Flight Time Duty Limitation (FTDL) rules. 

The transparent overview that it provides an airline with is invaluable, plus it can work alongside the other modules featured in Envision’s Rusada software for maximum impact and transparency of operations. 

It can be easily linked it to the Fleet Manager module, allowing you to update any registration logbooks once completed flights are logged against registrations. 

And at the core of the module is an ability to control flight operations, deliver reliable flight schedules and as mentioned before, interactive operations boards. 

Indeed, as a module that can facilitate journey control and monitoring as well as crew tasking, the Operations Manager really is an airline’s best friend.   

On top of this it can deliver alerts for scheduled maintenance work and provide you with crew schedules (when integrated with Envision’s Configuration & Resource Manager). Additionally, it can manage staff training records and any associated classes, courses or exams that your workforce may need to take in order to carry out their specific and no doubt, specialised jobs. 

But how easy is it to implement and what are the true benefits? 

Quite simply, the Operations Manager fits into your current business set up seamlessly, just like Envision’s other modules; it can also work alongside these to offer a more comprehensive IT planning solution that targets all areas of your business. 

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