Our values

At Rusada we strive to further our employees, communities, and the environment through the ways in which we do business. To do this, our governance is guided by four key values that look to tackle inequality, climate change and mental health.

Tackling economic inequality, employment goals & skills

Our global presence provides employment opportunities to people all around the world. As work can be spread across localities that all contribute to the whole, we are able to support staff and provide them with opportunities to progress within the organisation and better their circumstances.

Recent significant expansion of the workforce by almost 10% has introduced new people and developed new skills across all our teams. We look to recruit people from multiple different industries as this brings in new perspectives and develops the skills of others.

Although Rusada does not consume a large amount of resource necessitating a supply chain, we recognise that our activity can also support partner enterprises both at home and around the globe which further adds to the benefit we can bring to partner employees and their dependents.

Fighting climate change

By developing tools to help automate business functions, companies that use our software see significant efficiency gains.

These have real world tangible climate effects, reducing waste of mis-ordered materials reduces not only cost but travelled miles. Better planning of maintenance reduces unnecessary aircraft movements for ferrying and maintenance by predicting and combining maintenance into effective groups.

By working from home offices when not on site, our consultants also reduce unnecessary commuting. Since virtually all documentation is electronic, the reduction in paper usage is significant.

Equal opportunity employment

We recognise that our people are at the heart of everything that we do. As such we:

  • Ensure that our employees are furnished with the tools they need to effectively carry out their roles to the best of their ability
  • Provide our employees with training and skills that they need for continuous professional development
  • Create employment opportunities within the communities in which we work around the world
  • Aim to create and maintain a varied workforce that actively promotes diversity and equality. This diversity brings about cultural understanding and varied methodologies that help us work on a global scale


For those working from home, mental wellbeing can be a concern and so regular 'Watercooler' discussions are encouraged. We hold monthly social meetings for a quiz and regularly use video chats to help everyone stay in touch. We produce an internal round up of company and social news each month where employees are encouraged to contribute anything of interest.

Our employees are enrolled on a benefits platform which features the ability to recognise, celebrate, and reward staff for their contributions to the workplace. This platform also offers staff a wide range of discounts on goods and services, gives them access to free online tools for both physical and mental health, and provides help with personal and professional development.

To further promote health and wellbeing we encourage physical activity through an on-line platform where employees can participate in physical challenges against each other, or collaboratively, to achieve a goal.