7 MRO struggles that can be easily solved with Envision

  1. Accessing information anytime, anywhere

Being able to access important data quickly during time sensitive situations, such as aircraft on ground events can really transform the way that a business operates. 

However, this can be a challenge, especially for companies that are operating with paper documentation, legacy IT systems and out dated hardware. 

With Rusada’s ‘Envision nGen’ web-based application, maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) providers can view and manage a wealth of company data anytime and anywhere. 

In addition to providing around the clock access to records, the IT MRO platform is both device and browser independent, which means customers are able to access data easily whilst on the move, from air to ground, just by inputting login credentials or via fingerprint recognition. 

  1. Communicating the availability of parts and manpower

Indeed, being able to effectively communicate which parts, tools and engineers are available at any given time is of utmost important to aviation businesses, not only to improve productivity but also to reduce costs. 

Organisations that have large workforces, multiple facilities around the globe and/or masses of data – as most aviation businesses do – would certainly benefit from a system like Envision, which allows supervisors and engineers to log, view, amend and communicate exactly what capacity, manpower and tools are available, in real-time. 

What’s more, an end-user of Envision can pin role-based widgets, KPI metrics and to do lists, such as action lists for maintenance planners, to personalised home screens, further improving the communication of available materials and which staff are available to be assigned to a task. 

For example, if an engineer wanted to set up a rule to send an alert for incoming stock and make this visible within Envision’s home screen, a widget would make that possible. 

  1. Obtaining a clear overview of company-wide operations

With seven comprehensive modules, which together deliver over 200 functions, Envision allows aviation organisations, including MROs and airlines, to manage all key areas of their business, in one place. 

With dedicated tools that cover: fleet management, engineering, CAMO; hangar, line and shop maintenance, supply chain efficiency, flight operations, human resources and finance functions, Envision certainly caters to a wide-range of business needs. 

Consequently, the system allows an organisation to collate and manage all of its crucial business data under one umbrella solution, delivering a clear overview of operations. 

  1. Reducing lead times and costs

Time is money and Rusada’s advanced MRO platform, Envision nGen, addresses this by offering the industry a next-generation solution that allows customers to account for the time spent carrying out tasks, in order to streamline processes and reduce costs. 

That’s why searching for important information such as available hangar capacity or aircraft maintenance manuals within Envision is really simple; companies can use the search function to access more granular data and then view and edit any records along the way. 

An MRO, for example, can search by aircraft registration number to view a plethora of records such as: scheduled maintenance visits, logged defects and Airworthiness Directives (ADs) and Service Bulletins (SBs). 

  1. Finding a customisable solution that is built for the future

Processes within Envision are built with the customer in mind and aviation organisations can easily equip themselves with all the tools that they need to succeed, not only in today’s market but also in the paperless environment of the future. 

While the solution offers many comprehensive modules, customers can pick and choose those that they wish to adopt, to build a solution that best suits their individual business needs.

Once implemented, Envision can be customised further by an end-user. For example, any workflow processes within the system can be easily tweaked to better suit specific needs and even specific job roles held within an organisation. 

And, with customer satisfaction, product development and innovation at the forefront of Rusada’s mind, a customer can rest assured that the platform is equipped to deal with future digital advancements, within both the world of IT MRO solutions and the wider market. 

  1. Migrating from legacy IT systems

A common misconception is that moving from a legacy IT systems is a huge task, and one that requires lots of time and money. 

Instead, a next-generation system like Envision nGen can be adopted easily thanks to an extensive suite of data migration tools that help to facilitate a controlled installation and mass data imports, to speed transition from legacy systems. 

Envision can also be integrated with corporate HR systems, further simplifying the process of upgrading an IT infrastructure. 

  1. Moving from paper to digital operations

As the industry embraces paperless operations and an increasingly digital supply chain, Envision offers customers a complete suite of easy to use, yet innovative online tools that can support the transition. 

For example, through the ‘Component Management’ function customers benefit from a ’Library’ module that allows a user to scan, store, view and amend digital versions of documentation, including ADs/SBs, manuals and forms. 

And, the MRO platform comes pre-built with information that can be viewed on screen and exported into excel or PDF formats, while other data can be imported from .xl, .xml or .sgml files, or directly uploaded into the system. 

Envision also helps employees communicate with each other through notes and chat functions, regardless of where they’re based – another notable benefit of using a mobile solution like this one alongside handheld devices. 

For more information on how you can seamlessly integrate Envision into your business set-up, get in touch with Rusada today.

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