3 Ways To Improve Your Data Management

1. Make sure your records are kept up to date

Previously we have discussed how important it is to understand the power of good data, looking at how keeping up to date records is crucial to the success of a business. And, while this is most certainly true, it is also hugely important that any date you enter into an IT system – or within paper documents – is accurate, to ensure reliability. 

So how can an airline, MRO or other aviation organisations make sure they’re data is kept up to date and dependable? 

Firstly, start by understanding how damaging incorrect – so called ‘bad’ data – can be to your business – not only in a financial sense but also for the ease of operations. After all, having incomplete, inaccurate or out of date information as the foundation of a business can only lead to problems going forward. 

Therefore, it’s essential to make sure that any data hosted on your systems is checked for accuracy and done so regularly, because having to look over masses of data and seeing mistakes will be painful – and costly! 

So closely monitor and update your records to avoid inaccurate information being entered into your system, thus polluting your data. 

  1. Adopt a hub for all your business data

Understandably, the process of data management for large, multi-million pound companies can be quite a daunting task. And, this is where an IT solution that offers comprehensive modules and features can prove to be somewhat of a priceless tool. 

For example, Envision – an IT MRO software offered by Rusada – is an advanced (but easy to integrate) solution that can act as a hub for all your business data, thus making it easier for a company to store, track and manage many streams of data, including those from operational managers, fleet schedules, RFQs and invoices. 

Additionally, modules like Envision’s ‘Maintenance Manager’ are able to ensure that any key business data is handled reliably throughout the system, giving users even more confidence in their data. 

The system can also collect transactional information to enable your business to evolve and become increasingly more efficient. 

And with the industry further embracing paperless operations, there is no better time than right now to implement an IT solutions for planning and data management. 

  1. Invest time in educating your workforce

Indeed, checking over your business data to ensure that it has been entered correctly (as well as updated as often as possible) will help your business operate more efficiently. 

Investing time and money in staff training is another way to ensure that your company is using good, clean data, because errors are often blamed on those who enter the information. However, the problem may actually lie with the complexity of the system and insufficient training. 

Therefore, implementing a training programme for IT systems allows a business to reduce its chances of owning inaccurate data. 

To find out more about how to manage, streamline and clean up your business’s data get in touch with Rusada today.


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