23 Things That Prove You’re An Aviation Enthusiast

From unbelievable levels of excitement at take off to collecting aviation merchandise at every opportunity, here are 23 things that prove you really are an aviation enthusiast.

1. You get as excited about going to the airport as a holiday itself

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2. You have had your picture taken in or standing by an engine

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Photo credit: General Electric Instagram

3. You can tell which kind of engine is flying overhead just from the rumble

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4. If your boarding gate has a runway view you can’t help but gravitate towards the glass and take a photoSubstandardFullSizeRender

5. This is soon followed by an inflight picture taken from your window seat, featuring the wing alongside a caption that reads: “Somewhere above the Atlantic” (or similar)IMG_0053

6. You seriously love take off and landing

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7. You have a miniature aircraft collection

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8. You register as a visitor to as many exhibitions or conferences as possible

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9. Which means you also collect branded lanyards

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10. You spend the majority of a flight thinking of ways you can blag your way into the cockpit (if only the pilot knew how much you LOVED planes!!!)

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11. This follows your (sometimes successful) attempts to get an upgrade

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12. On a long haul flight you spend a substantial amount of the time on your feet, most of which is spent trying to get a sneak peak of first class (assuming your earlier attempts of an upgrade failed)kristen wiig animated GIF

13. Unlike other passengers, you always read the inflight safety card


14. Before booking a flight you will frantically search ALL airlines that fly that route just to ensure that you’ll get to fly on your favourite aircraft at least one way computer animated GIF

15. You’re a member of pretty much all the frequent flying clubs and airline point schemes

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16. When a friend tells you they’re going on holiday, the first thing you ask is who they are flying with

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17. If anyone you know is on a flight, you can’t help but check on their progress with one of your many flight info apps

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18. Your “normal” friends don’t understand why you care about which aircraft you are flying on, nor do they appreciate the extent of your knowledge (or how much you talk about planes)

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19. You are either strictly Team Airbus or Team Boeing and can’t bear to think of the opposing OEM’s upcoming innovation

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20. You don’t know how to react to emotions that follow the news of yet another independent MRO consolidating with an OEM

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21. You have been to the U.S. at least four times – and wish you didn’t have to come back

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22. Your friends, family and work colleagues have all at some point given you a red-letter day flying experience as a gift

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23. When you hear a plane flying overhead, you just have to look up and identify the airline. And, then consequently fight the urge to look up where it’s going

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