2013 Q1 continues to bring success to Rusada

Four corners covered – 4 customers in 4 months in 4 countries in 4 corners of aviation

2013 is measuring up to be a great year for Rusada. Recognising the flexibility of the software and its function rich capabilities, new customers are continuing to join the Envision family. To re-inforce the message that Rusada have a heritage of supplying solutions to every corner of aviation, 2013 Q1 has proven that fact. Each one of the new customers is a specialist in their own market and yet each one has selcted Envision from amongst the competition to manage and support their activities for the coming years.

The customers collectively cover 9 individual sites across the world and our installation team are as ever, working hard to bring sites on line as quickly as possible.

For those of you who know us at Rusada we don’t beleive in long protracted installations and prefer to get customers up and running as quickly as possible, it is therfore also great to announce that the second of these 9 sites is expected to go live by the start of May.


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