The Envision Quality Assurance module is a fully featured quality assurance tool capable of supporting all your businesses audit and non-conformance needs. Using information from the Core Configuration module such as employee data, accurate tracking of compliance and responsibility can be achieved.

Skills and limitations control is a standard feature of the Quality module, again combining information from the core configuration it is possible to control the licensing of employees and produce their approval certificate from within the application. Should the business require it and the originating data support the ability, it is possible to define sign on capability based on employee skills.

Quality Manager includes a Quality Audit System & Safety Assessment System:

  • provides innovative management tools for scheduling, controlling and monitoring internal and external audits to meet official aviation requirements as well as company defined requirements
  • identifies hazards and monitors them
  • creates risk assessments, categorises them and logs mitigating actions
  • creates an Audit Calendar for efficient management of a typical audit
  • ability to define and record audit requirements, and manage subsequent non-conformances
  • management tools to control continuously changing status of company’s quality assurance