Operations Manager is a feature rich flight operations and crew education planning and management tool, delivering everything you need for your fleet scheduling, charter requirements and crew training. Employing defined Flight Time Duty Limitation (FTDL) rules, it automatically checks and re-checks crew capability against scheduling requirements.

Operations Manager in Envision provides the ability to create multiple flight operations boards, representing whole or partial fleets and controls the access to these boards via user rights security. Creation of flights can be done manually or via imports from the flight schedule. Dynamically linked to Fleet Manager, the completed flights are logged against registrations and the respective registration logbooks are automatically updated.

  • facilitates scheduling, journey control and monitoring, and crew tasking
  • employs Flight Time Duty Limitation (FTDL) rules to automatically check and re-check crew capability against scheduling requirements
  • delivers alerts for scheduled maintenance work
  • ensures compliance with prevailing rules and regulations both internally and from external regulatory bodies
  • delivers effective crew rosters when integrated with the Configuration & Resource Manager
  • manages classes, courses and examinations

Training information is stored against personnel training records i.e. required courses, lessons, and exams that should be taken by individuals to be compliant with specific requirements to perform their specific job.