The Envision Materials Manager will provide you all the tools your business needs to manage all aspects of material and purchase management including part number and stock control. Using information from the Core Configuration module and Fleet Management module, accurate and reliable part usage and part fitment control is easily achieved.

The Materials and Purchasing modules can be used not only to manage Maintenance and Engineering requirements but also all the purchase and material management of other departments such as Operations, catering and head office requirement.

Materials Manager manages all stores and inventory related actions:

  • supports multi-base and multi-warehouse spares management
  • tracks all aviation standard spares transactions
  • offers increased efficiency over the control of all workshop demands
  • provides centralised part number control to manage configuration, interchangeability and requisition transaction automation to speed up demand processing whilst retaining usage rules and history
  • can import parts catalogue and price lists to maintain accuracy of numbers and costs
  • includes quoting functions to allow for RFQ and part sales without the need for separate databases and forms
  • enables extensive warranty term applicability and claim processing
  • contains a full suite of stock management tools for the control of min/max, shelf life, tool calibration etc. and includes functions for stock ownership, contracted parts, kitting and bill of materials provisioning
  • requisition management screens enable the immediate company wide listing and alerting of AOG and loan items