The Envision Maintenance manager module will allow you to plan and perform work. Using the functionality of the resource information stored in the core configuration, businesses are able to plan work and see the effect of that planned work on the resource capability of your organisation.

This module also supports the forecasting for work pack creation, incorporating resource usage information from the Configuration and Resource Manager and requisitioning information from the Materials Manager.

Maintenance Manager provides your EASA-145 operation with controls to plan work and monitor performance:

  • the hub for defining system configuration and set up, controlling system behaviour, and user access and functionality within the system
  • the repository for all the data from operational managers
  • manages system utilities and resources to ensure key business data is handled consistently throughout the system
  • provides analytics and key decision support information through system wide configurable reporting
  • integrates with corporate HR systems
  • fully integrates time and attendance records with shop floor data to clarify productive hours control and invoicing
  • sophisticated shift management tools and integrated labour rules ensures accurate attendance information is passed to payroll systems
  • extensive suite of data migration tools allow controlled installation and mass data imports to speed transition from legacy systems