Rusada is an active participant in MRO industry working groups, committees, and standards organisations. This allows us to keep up with the needs of the industry, as well as any potential challenges and changing requirements.

The aviation industry has an ever-increasing requirement to control costs and adhere to regulations. The systematic replacement of older aircraft with new-generation aircraft with new technologies will drive a profound change in the way in which information is managed.

The continued need to adapt to changing business requirements places a strain on cost control. This reinforces the need to implement an MRO system to manage the end to end life-cycle of Aircraft and Components, whilst integrating with the MRO ecosystem to link Engineering, Maintenance, Supply Chain, Quality and Finance departments.

Envision, our MRO IT software, since its inception over 25 years ago, has been designed to anticipate change and provide the management information required to respond quickly to change. We feel that applications should be more than just tools for the performance of work – they should collect transactional information to enable the business to evolve and become increasingly more efficient.

Additionally, workplace tools should employ the technology that users are familiar with outside of work – with simple ways to input and extract information.

This is where Rusada can help you.