Airline, no matter how big or small, have to deal with managing and maintaining their fleet, numerous flight operations on a daily basis, large volumes of customers travelling to various locations and lots of incoming and outgoing expenditures.

Each of those tasks requires sending and receiving a lot of data. This data needs to be managed as properly and efficiently as possible to ensure your fleet is maintained to the best of your ability. You need a system that can handle such a task. Envision is that system. Whether it’s a fixed wing or rotary wing fleet that you have, Envision is suited to managing both. Aircraft being managed in our system range from Boeing 747s all the way down to Cessnas.

  • template configuration information is applied to an individual aircraft or component and provides the tools to manage the day-to-day technical operation of the fleet
  • the advanced maintenance programme revision system enables management of multiple approved and draft program revisions for your fleet
  • automated tools manage the submission and change procedure and associated forms during the amendment process
  • change aircraft programmes and compare actual dues against potential dues on a parallel planned programme
  • integrates with the forecasting and work order system for quick work-pack creation
  • complex forecasting scenarios for both actual and planned programmes delivers true maintenance effectiveness comparison down to component and /or individual inspection forecast across the fleet
  • electronic logbooks for aircraft and sub assemblies ensure that sub assembly condition and history is correctly maintained and sub assembly movement through a fleet is easily managed
  • sophisticated planning tools cover intricate control combinations for both scheduled and unscheduled maintenance of both fixed and rotary wing aircraft on civil and military programs
  • third party electronic document integration allows the use of OEM documentation for greater detail to the shop floor whilst maintaining aircraft effectiveness control
  • integrated technical library functions with full electronic copy storage, revision and copy holder control can replace current manual systems
  • integration of flight operations streamlines flight log entry, and integrates with flight following systems and aircraft telemetry such as ACARS to reduce errors and effort / delay of data entry
  • defect control integrates with MEL target limits and spares to ensure maintenance control management that keeps your fleet flying
  • MAINTROL (Maintenance Control) Diary to report aircraft information, such as handover reports or AOG information